Types Of Fraud In The UK

Fraud is one of the most serious dishonesty offences and is taken very seriously by the courts as it can lead to mountainous losses for the country in taxpayer money. The term ‘Fraud-is one that covers a variety of crimes, some of which are deemed as more serious than others due to the circumstances surrounding them, and may be carried out by an individual or an organisation. If you’re unusual with the laws surrounding fraud, it can be pleasurable to know more about how the types differentiate from each other and what exactly qualifies as fraud.

back Fraud

back fraud is one of the more accepted types of fraud in the UK but also one of the more complex because of the circumstances surrounding it. The true crime of back fraud involves providing fake information or omitting information about your circumstances whilst claiming any of the following benefits:

– Housing benefits;

– Disability allowance;

– Carer’s allowance;

– Job Seeker’s Allowance;

Conversely, an individual may become a victim of aid fraud through identity theft. For example, if you receive notification that you are claiming benefits or have been denied housing wait on despite having successfully received these benefits before then you may be a victim of attend fraud. Because of the length and complexities of the application process for benefits, attend fraud can occur entirely by accident and isn’t always malicious. In many cases it comes down to an error either on the allotment of the applicant of the Department of Work and Pension, so it’s necessary to decide these circumstances as soon as possible with experienced befriend fraud solicitors in the North East, wait on fraud solicitors in the South East or wherever you are located.

Tax Fraud

Tax fraud involves the theft of taxes owed to the HMRC as well as any tax credits paid out by HMRC. Tax evasion falls under this category, where an individual or organisation avoids paying the right amount of tax. This is done by failing to speak income or by deliberately falsifying expenses. We’re all familiar with the government expenses row and there are often news stories about organisations avoiding taxes through offshore banking, and such offences are liable for a Prosecution action due to the losses incurred to the government.

There are other types of dishonest offences that near under Tax Fraud, including VAT Fraud and Duty Fraud, which involves failing to pay when VAT is charged on a product or smuggling goods into the country that are liable to excise duty or customs duty.

Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage fraud is when a loan is obtained by providing fake information and material misrepresentation. The offence also covers the involvement of professionals and individuals in transferring the money in those fervent were aware of the deception. Mortgage fraud includes:

– Over-valuing of property;

– Overstating income;

– Taking out a mortgage in the name of an unsuspecting or deceased person;

– Hijacking conveyancing processes.

These cases are taken very seriously and often lead to prosecution, with other professionals being subject to criminal proceedings including solicitors, mortgage brokers and accountants. As such, processing cases like this can be a lengthy process and requires expert advice from the outset to settle the best outcome.

The law is complex and this is only unbiased beginning to scratch the surface of fraud as an offence. This information is provided on behalf of Stephen Lickrish & Associates, defence lawyers based in Manchester that also provide representation on a national level. They are an experienced and dedicated group of assist fraud solicitors in the North West that can support you if you are accused of fraud of any kind. You can also contact them for suitable advice on crimes that do not topple under fraud, including:

5 Reasons to Hire Houston Criminal Defense Attorneys

There are many different reasons you could slay in court fighting a correct battle. Most of the time this experience is completely unexpected, which not only means you are faced with the stress of dealing with the exact case, but also with trying to resolve if you should hire a lawyer. Hiring a lawyer is a great decision, obviously, because it can be a sizable financial burden. However, the burden could be even greater if you do not hire a lawyer and try to handle the location on your enjoy. If you do, in fact, gather yourself in a dwelling like this, you should judge these reasons for seeking the professional support of seasoned Houston criminal defense attorneys.

1) EDUCATION: one of the first things you will realize when you try to tackle a true defense on your have is that you really know very shrimp about the law. positive, everyone has an awareness of the law, and we all know how to behave in public, but that is different from actually view how laws are written. Criminal defense attorneys understand these things because they studied them for several years at an accredited law school.

2) EMOTION: another thing that you will rapid realize when trying to tackle a good matter on your have is that it is an emotionally overwhelming experience. Indeed, walking into a courthouse for the first time, without anyone by your side, can be harrowing. Sitting in the court room while people talk about you can feel upsetting. A trustworthy lawyer, though, can keep perspective on the case and argue your point for you so that you can focus on keeping your stress under control.

3) EXPERIENCE: Criminal defense attorneys are not fair educated in the finer points of the law, but also have experience in the court room. This matters when it comes to negotiating the parameters of your case and the potential judgments. They might even have a relationship with the think or prosecutor, a relationship that could attend you because they each want to the best for each other and for the system. They will know how to communicate with other people alive to and how to ask the factual questions.

4) INTEGRITY: Experienced criminal defense attorneys also have the integrity of a solid, proven track portray. In terms of those relationships, this track portray might wait on you because the reflect will know that this particular lawyer is very meticulous or is profitable at holding clients to their word when it comes time to negotiate sentencing.

5) PREPARATION: Hiring professional criminal defense attorneys to handle your case, though, boils down to fine preparation. They will derive the facts on your case and weigh them against other cases as well as the existing laws to decide the best course of action. They will encourage you by objectifying the facts so that you can focus on the things you need to do protect your rights. Finally, they will guide you through the case so you are not surprised by any questions or changes.

Legal :: Non-Violent Crimes Require Strong Florida Defense Lawyer

When people reflect of Florida criminal cases, they may be reminded of violent acts or drunk driving incidents when someone has violated the law. That is not always the case, however. There are many times that people accused of non-violent crimes in Miami may need a savvy Florida defense lawyer. Most of the Florida laws have severe punishments for those convicted of violations, even those not tantalizing physical violence. These are unprejudiced a few of the non-violent crimes that people may be accused of when seeking the services of a Miami defense attorney.


Signing someone else? s name to a document or several documents is forgery. This includes spurious payment of bill on a credit card charge flow, a erroneous signature on a prescription or signing someone else? s name to a loan agreement. In some cases it may be a misunderstanding. In other cases, it may be a sheer act of desperation in the pursuit of trying to survive financially, or simply the exercise of dreadful judgment. Depending on the circumstances of the forgery and how many counts there are, a savvy Miami defense lawyer may be able to secure the charges dropped or reduced.

poor Checks

Sometimes bank accounts can accumulate out of hand, especially when a person is very busy and not paying enough attention to their bank narrative. While writing a check that does not have enough funds in the drawn memoir may be a simple oversight, it is detached against the law. If it happens frequently enough or with a grand enough amount of money, the person may be criminally charged with writing a awful check. The intervention of a Miami criminal defense lawyer can assist.


There are time when everyone wishes they had more money. When someone creates their hold currency to search for like official money, this is considered counterfeiting. As the misfortune in creating fraudulent currency has increased over the years, so has the punishment for those convicted or counterfeiting. Money is not the only thing that is considered fraudulent. dismal or unfounded labeling of products and goods is considered counterfeiting as well. This includes deceptive labels on designer-type purses or fragrances. Everyone has the just to a beautiful trial and a apt defense. A Florida defense lawyer can support someone charged with counterfeiting by defending their rights and making determined that all rules and regulations in the gathering of evidence were followed. They can also review whether any arrests or investigations in the case were done properly.